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June 12, 2017 4:03 pm

Data Scientist

Role: Data Scientist

Location: London, U.K.
Qualifications: Formal Education & Certification. Ideally Degree in Computer Science, Business, Statistics, Computer Science, Software Engineer or related discipline.
Remuneration: Depending on Experience
Target Join Date: June 2017

Role Summary

The main purpose of this role is to help envision the future of new technical products and working with stakeholders, development teams and users to realise it. The environment is one of Agile Development with Scrum based teams and high focused approach to the constant delivery of high value, working software.

The products we develop are focused on data acquisition, analysis, presentation and interpretation, as such Data Science forms the core of everything we do. It is essential for anyone fulfilling this role to be able to apply their knowledge of statistical modelling and analytics to contribute to the development of these products in a meaningful way, providing leadership on the application of methods such as Machine Learning and Cognitive Analytics as well as best practice in implementing such approaches.

Also at the core of this position is the Product Owner role in the Scrum development methodology. This includes managing the product backlog, benefit analysis, minimum viable product, prioritisation, acceptance criteria and reviewing completed work. It requires a close working relationship with both internal customers and development teams.

You must be technically competent to be able to develop statistical models and understand the systems, and priorities and work with business users and developers to decide product direction. However you must be comfortable allowing the development teams to come up with the solutions, while you will be their knowledge base and proxy for the business.

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• Developing the product vision and strategy to drive our products and apps forward
• Provide leadership in the application of Data Science principle and methods within our products
• Building strong relationships with business users and stakeholders
• Developing a deep understanding of the business uses and potential of our products to enable you to act as a proxy for our clients/customers, steering development in a sensible direction
• Facilitating the scrum process wherever required, working closely with Project Managers and/or Scrum Masters
• Product backlog management, including defining user stories and prioritisation
• Working with the stakeholders to prioritise stories to maximise business value created by the development teams for your product
• Maintaining the development teams focus on delivering value, balancing multiple streams of requirements so that they can concentrate on what they do best: creating a great product!
• Working with development teams in estimation and review sessions
• Facilitating development by working with design and UX to ensure the developers have the things they need to keep moving forwards
• Constantly be monitoring progress, looking for ways to improve the product and make adjustments based on strategic goals

Skills and Qualifications:

• Degree or equivalent in Data Science, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology or similar technical degree
• Demonstrable experience of working in an agile scrum environment, ideally as a PO, but possibly as an agile coach or a similar role.
• Excellent communication skills.
• Strong business skills.
• Experience with any of the following preferred; R, Python, Scala, Java 8, Spring, D3.js, node.js
• Experience working with API’s and queues/message hubs (Event Hub, RabbitMQ, Kafka etc.) also preferred
• Experience working with cloud-based solutions, including PaaS and SaaS implementations (Azure and AWS specifically)
• Previous experience in a Product Development role
• Previous experience in a Data Science or Analytical role
• Track record delivering high-quality software that meets the business need in a timely fashion.
• Experience in estimating the value of software features, and in cost-benefit analysis and constructing business cases.
• Experience of managing a product backlog

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