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June 4, 2017 10:26 am

Natural Language Processing Engineer

Role: Chatbot & Natural Language Interface Developer

Location: London
Qualifications: Formal Education & Certification. Ideally Degree in Computer Science, Business, Statistics, Computer Science, Software Engineer or related discipline. 
Remuneration: £55k – £60k
Target Join Date: ASAP

Role Summary:

We are looking for a developer responsible for the Design, Development, Maintenance, and R&D of Chatbots and other Natural Language Interfaces.
As a Chatbot Developer, your primary focus will be developing chatbots with various capabilities developed in-house, as well 3rd party through API integration. Hands-on experience with developing a deployed chatbot is a must.

So is a very thorough knowledge of the various AI (Neural Networks, Headless AI etc,) and NLP tools, frameworks, clients and products out there in the landscape. The Developer should possess a passion for working on the cutting edge and pushing out new capabilities and integrations before people even imagine using them.

You will also be responsible for designing conversations, creating a natural feeling, conversational interactions that delight our customers while solving their problems.
This includes helping to define what personality and tone to use, as well as get heavily into the detail of structuring conversations on specific use cases. The shift towards bots is a fundamental change in what a user interface can be – we want somebody who can help to shape that shift.

You will be a self-starting, autonomous team player who is curious, proactive and communicative.

Check out our Acrotrend corporate “What We Do” video


• Implementing chatbots for a variety of use case in various industries
• Provide thought leadership in this specialist field, helping to define the companies long term strategy
• Collecting and making sense of usage data
• Deploying, monitoring, maintaining, and improving the services
• Processing natural language labels to extract indicators 
• Visualising indicators in an offline dashboard designed for mobile interfaces
• Develop proof of concept for Chatbots to aid product development
• Help to define tone of voice and personality for our bot or virtual agent, working with stakeholders to get this right
• Define the specifics of AI driven conversation, and work iteratively to build and refine those conversations


• 1+ years of Chatbot development experience
• Contributions to open source software projects are always a plus
• Experience with frameworks such as the Microsoft Bot Framework or API.AI
• Experience scaling a web application – ideally in AWS or Azure
• Experience with Natural Language Processing tools, such as LUIS, WIT.AI or Alchemy API
• Sound understanding in the areas of Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Recognition.
• Must have deployed at least one Chatbot-based application which is currently live
• Working knowledge of Supervised / Unsupervised learning (Decision Trees, Logistic Regression, SVMs, GBM, etc.) Deep-learning (Neural Networks)
• Experience with statistical tools/languages such as Azure ML, R or Python is preferred
• Hands-on experience with deep neural network, CNN, RNN, probabilistic programming, Stanford parsers or other NLP parsers is preferred
• Demonstrate good knowledge of the Chatbot ecosystem, and the tools and frameworks available here
• Knowledge and Experience with other server-side technologies such as traditional databases, NoSQL, etc.
• Ability to design applications around Chat User Interface (CUI)
• Knowledge of libraries available for common tasks in Chatbot space
• Follow Agile Methodology, and familiar with tools for Project Management, Code Versioning etc.
• Familiar with continuous integration and DevOps concepts
• Proficiency in a modern web framework (Node.js, Ruby-on-Rails, or Django) is essential
• Program with Java, JavaScript, or a similar object-oriented language
• Experience with graphics tools like D3, Tableau or Power BI
• Proven experience working with RESTful design patterns and third party APIs
• Responsive and proactive, can make decisions independently and value collaboration and transparency
• Bachelor’s Degree in relevant subject (Computer Science, Data Science etc.)

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