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Asking the unusual questions to get to the right answers.

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Data is everywhere, but there are few business insights generated from it.

Businesses today generate more data than they know what to do with. But the problem doesn’t lie with data generation – it lies with data understanding. Data by itself is inert, it doesn’t tell you anything. You have to ask it the right questions to wake it up.

Customer analytics consultancy in the UK

Acrotrend helps ask the right questions – the unusual ones – that deliver better business outcomes.

Acrotrend is a customer analytics consulting firm that specialises in bringing together the right data, the right tech and the right questions in order to generate better short-term business outcomes and deliver long-term business transformation.

Our clients

Our Clients Say

“Presenting sales management information alongside financial analysis, without the need to access multiple systems, is crucial for maximising sales effectiveness.”

Reed Exhibitions
Global CRM Director

“Acrotrend’s right approach means that we have been able to deliver projects within tight budget. Essentially we are now enabled to beat cancer through having a better relationship with our supporters.”

Cancer Research UK
SRM Program Director

“Working with Acrotrend felt more like a partnership. They went above and beyond to understand our market situation and needs, creating an analysis framework that we can use to engage our audience community like never before.”

Amandeep Sandhu
Vice President, Customer Insights at UBM Tech