Devise a powerful and practical data strategy

Use the 4dDX strategic framework to be data-driven, not just data-busy

4 dimensional Data eXcellence (4dDX)

For your data to become a high value asset, your business must possess sufficiently strong data capabilities. But developing data capabilities can be costly and difficult. 4dDX simplifies and streamlines evolution of your data capabilities, so that in a relatively short space of time your business can reduce data effort and increase data value.


Rapidly devise a high-value, practical & effective data strategy

Develop powerful data capabilities that achieve business goals

Quickly, actionably & repeatedly measure your data capability maturity

Improve data behaviours and evolve a strong data culture

How 4dDX Works

The 4dDX framework enables you to see your whole data capability landscape, but in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you with complexity. It does this by categorising everything your business needs to do to be truly data driven, into just four fundamental dimensions.

The 4 Dimensions of Data eXcellence


Maximise data benefits, by promoting and facilitating data science and analytics, data driven operational efficiency and data commercialisation, to support achievement of overarching goals.


Ensure your data are safe to own and use, by managing  exposure to data risks through maintaining sufficient compliance with applicable data security and privacy regulations.


Optimise the performance of your data, by setting appropriate data quality standards and regulating data behaviours to uphold those standards.


Optimise data operations, by providing systems and services that fulfil your organisation’s data needs whilst minimising costs and complexity.

How it all comes together

Everything points to data value. At Acrotrend, we have vast experience in helping our clients drive value from their data and ultimately helping you achieve your business goals.

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4dDX Benefits

Rapidly devise a high-value, practical and effective data strategy

Enterprise data is a broad topic comprised of many complex parts, which can cause data strategies to be complicated and unwieldy.

4dDX is different. By capturing all essential aspects of data strategy in a lightweight and practical framework, 4dDX enables you to see the ‘big picture’ whilst avoiding being blinded by complexity. 4dDX provides the best of both worlds. A data strategy framework that covers all of the essential detail – whilst also being practical, agile and be highly implementable.

With 4dDX, your business can focus faster on data value by clearly positioning data as a core strategic asset.

Quickly, actionably and repeatedly measure your data capability maturity

The same 4dDX framework that defines your data strategy, also drives a set of powerful online tools for rigourously yet rapidly assessing your data capability maturity.

Because it’s simultaneously simple and comprehensive, 4dDX provides the ideal basis for assessing how well your business is equipped to achieve it’s data driven goals. All in a highly actionable way, which is aligned to your data strategy and pinpoints practical steps for increasing data value.

And because 4dDX makes the assessment process so straightforward, it can be easily and inexpensively repeated to keep track of how your data capabilities are evolving over time.

Develop powerful data capabilities that achieve business goals

For your data to become a high value asset, your business must possess sufficiently strong data capabilities. They are the keys to unlocking value from your data.

But the challenge faced by many businesses, is how to condense the vast topic of enterprise data into an implementable definition of what data capabilities are required and how they should be organised. This is where 4dDX helps.

4dDX defines an arrangement of data capabilities which covers all of the essential bases, yet is simple enough to remain practical and easy to implement. As a result, your business spends less time defining your data capabilities, which leaves more time for actually developing them.

Improve data behaviours and evolve a strong data culture

A positive data culture is an essential part of being truly data driven. Ensuring that the people in your business care about data, and handle and use data effectively, is the strongest way to grow data value. But it can also be the hardest to achieve.

That’s because data is a broad and complex topic, which can seem ‘technical’ to many people. Especially those who don’t work in technology environments. The crucial factor, lies in answering a fundamental question in every person’s mind – “What does data mean to me?”

4dDX enables positive data culture, by visualising your business’s data landscape in a way that helps everyone understand how data works in your business, and defining how data relates to people’s departments and roles.