4dDX Overview

A summary of what the 4dDX framework is.

What is 4dDX?

4dDX is an abbreviation of 4 Dimensional Data eXcellence. It’s a data strategy framework which specifies a broad range of commonly essential data capabilities and categorises them into just four fundamental dimensions.

4dDX is based on a simple principle, which says that data excellence is achieved when a business:

  1. Knows how data can help it to achieve its goals.
  2. Is always safe from data privacy and security risks.
  3. Ensures the necessary quality and integrity of its data.
  4. Combines these things in data operations which cost-effectively create benefit.

The Purpose of 4dDX?

The aim of 4dDX is to help businesses achieve the maximum value from data.

It does this by allowing a business to see and understand all of the essential data capabilities, whilst at the same time remaining simple and practical enough to implement quickly and cost-effectively.

Why 4dDX Exists

4dDX exists to serve a need of many businesses, which is to cut through the complexities of enterprise data management and provide a truly practical path to achieving data-driven goals.

It’s broadly accepted that data is one of the most valuable commodities a business can possess, but generating value from data is seldom straightforward. To truly benefit from data, a business must formulate how data can drive the business to achieve is goals, and then balance those benefits with the need to remain safe from data risks, whilst maintaining data quality and cost-effective data operations.

These factors coupled with the complexity and fast-pace of modern data technology, mean businesses can all too easily become entangled in expensive intricacies which prevent them from achieving their data goals. In essence, the business finds itself more data-busy than data-driven.

4dDX provides a balanced strategic framework which covers all of the essential data capabilities, but in a way that doesn’t get bogged down in detail.

What Are Data Capabilities?

Data strategy is essential, but it enables rather than delivers data benefits. Data capabilities are the things that a business must possess or perform to generate value from data. Examples include data lakes that store data, data warehouses that supply data, policies that govern the use of data and processes that manipulate and report on data. Mobilising data as a valuable strategic asset, requires the right arrangement of data capabilities.

4dDX groups all data capabilities into just four categories, called dimensions. Aligned with the principle of 4dDX, these four dimensions encompass everything that any business must do with data. This means that all of the necessary detail about how to do those things, falls into one or more of these dimensions.




Targeting Data Performance

Maximise data benefits, by promoting and facilitating data science and analytics, data driven operational efficiency and data commercialisation, to support achievement of overarching goals.


Ensuring Data Safety

Ensure your data are safe to own and use, by managing exposure to data risks through maintaining sufficient compliance with applicable data security and privacy regulations.


Optimising Data Quality

Optimise the performance of your data, by setting appropriate data quality standards and regulating data behaviours to uphold those standards.


Maintaining Data Efficiency

Optimise data operations, by providing systems and services that fulfil your organisation’s data needs whilst minimising costs and complexity.

How It All Comes Together

As you’ll read next in ‘How 4dDX Works‘, the 4dDX framework guides data strategy and capability development to focus on generating data value, by enabling a business’s data to drive the achievement of its goals.

Now read ‘How 4dDX Works‘.

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