The traditional sales rep model is dead or dying. In the digital age, the customer is in the driving seat and the challenge Pharma faces today is in personalised, relevant customer experience management across multiple channels. However multi-channel marketing strategies are falling short of what they promise to deliver. Despite digital tools not delivering on targets, 65% of executives responding to PWC’s “New Era for Pharmaceuticals” Report expect to increase digital interactions. This disconnect points to poorly integrated customer data which could be leveraged to strengthen sales and marketing communications.

Personalised Customer Experience Management

In order to prescribe the right medication, doctors need to listen to and understand the specific requirements of each of their individual patients. This requires a conversation, a deep understanding of medical history, current health issues and specific actions that can be taken to ensure healthier future outcomes. In the same vein, pharma companies can once again, optimise their sales forces to meet their customer’s requirements with personalised products and services ensuring they are aligned to their customer’s investment in outcome focused care. By becoming part of the dialogue, a sales team that engages with their wider supply chain can have a significantly wider impact, even as doctors take control of their purchasing processes.

Our Diagnosis

In our experience within the Pharma industry, integrating the right kind of customer data in an overarching digital strategy makes way for cost-effective collaborations between the company, the sales force and the supply chain. Multichannel marketing efforts designed to targeting the relationships and dynamics between Prescribers and Patients become more effective due to more personalised messaging, that pinpoints specific solutions to a specific problem. Marketing to a customer segment of one is a real possibility with the correct segmentation.

This approach becomes even more enhanced when building a feedback loop into the channels, allowing the relationship between the sales force and Prescribers to become as intimate as it was under the traditional sales model. By mitigating risks and adhering to global compliance requirements, companies can build a healthy portfolio of products and services that will show an incremental increase in use, thereby providing more value to its customers.
A customer analytics infrastructure that focuses on aligning core business operations can expect to make faster decisions, manage risk and adhere to local compliance & regulations laws. The global Pharma market is set to reach $1.12 trillion in 2022 and companies that put customer data front and centre of their organisation as effectively as possible, won’t require a strong dose of reality in the future.

Our Pharma Experience

• Enabled Our Clients to Ask the Right Questions of Their Customer Data

• Simplified Access to the Right Kind of Data

• Implemented a Digital Transformation Strategy

• Delivered & Improved Insights Driven Action Uncovering the Relationships Across the Supply Chain

• Advised on Enterprise Technology Integration & Developed Customer Analytics Adoption

• Created a Seamless Customer Experience Plan Whilst Collecting Digital Data

• Reduced Costs, Lowered Risk & Increased Sales and Marketing Effectiveness

What We Can Do For You

• Facilitate the Integration of Data from Every Customer Touchpoint

• Close the Data to Insight Loop with a Robust Customer Analytics Infrastructure

• Integrate, Segment and Standardise Data to Identify Growth Opportunities for a Targeted Sales Approach

• Create a Faster Decision Making Framework

• Measure ROI from Marketing Initiatives Across Channels, Products & Geographies

• Use Analytics to Create High-Value R&D Impact

If you are interested in finding out more about customer experience management for your industry, why not contact us and we would be happy to discuss your requirements further.