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About Us

Help us build a better-engaged world and deliver unique customer experiences


Our approach modernises our clients’ capabilities and embeds actions based on customer data into their everyday work

Acrotrend champions a ‘Culture of Curiosity’ in understanding your customer and audience data


Changing Results

When you dig deeper you’ll find that we’re an extremely dedicated team of international people. A team with a passion for using technology and data in unusual ways to help businesses understand their consumers better and, as a result, increase their revenue.

Our company culture is all about curiosity and collaboration – we’re curious about data and how to interpret it and we collaborate to create the best solutions. We’re geeks, basically. T-shaped geeks (technocrats) who have a love of business and an in-depth understanding of it.

If you’re geeky too, you might like us. Take a look at the talent we have on our team.

Meet The Team

Sandeep Mendiratta

MD & Co-Founder

Shailesh Maliya

Tech Leader & Co-Founder

Kristian Keep

Head of Innovation

Meenal Ashtikar

Head of Customer Insights

Pankaj Ghag

Head of Project Delivery

Paul Davies

Head of Sales – Events

Sachin Kaluskar

Project Delivery Manager

Victoria Scott

Head of Talent

Amelia Callow

Data Architect

Vincenzo Pota

Data Scientist

Indira Natrajan

India Recruitment

Gaurav Bhagi

Head, Client Engagement and Advisory

Supreet Kumar

Business Intelligence Consultant

Gaurav Singla

Data/BI Architect

Pulkit Gupta

BI & Analytics Consultant

Vision & Honesty

“Cancer Research chose Acrotrend over other established and larger consultancies because of their integrity during the pitch. Rather than overstate their capability, Sandeep was very open about Acrotrend’s niche expertise.”

Senior CRM Program Manager 

Beyond our geeky and fun exterior, we’re a bunch of very well educated people who value those who put their brain to use and actually help their customers. We never pretend to have solutions we don’t have. We never use clients to test new software just to get it tested. 

Instead, we provide value to our customers within a very short time frame. We thrive on seeing the results our customers achieve, which is why our company has thrived. If you want to collaborate with us to find the best customer insight solutions for your business, contact us here. 

Pankaj Ghag

Head of Project Delivery

“We work hard with our clients to deliver projects and we work with our team to develop their talents. This is Acrotrend.”

Meenal Ashtikar

Head of Customer Analytics

“No two days are the same and we are always working on some exciting projects!”

Sachin Kaluskar

Project Delivery Manager

“This is a great place to work and I get to work with some of the world’s biggest brands.”

Kristian Keep

Head of Technology

“I love the feeling that each day brings something new, a puzzle to solve or an idea to realise. It’s an exciting time to be working here!”

Heena Nagrani

IT Analyst

“What I enjoy the most at Acrotrend is the process of transforming ideas into reality & the immense scope of learning- it has proved to be a good experience for me so far. I have been able to develop myself both personally & professionally.”

Shailesh Mallya

Co Founder

“Having co-founded Acrotrend 10 years ago, I am proud of what we have achieved to date – onwards and upwards!”

Paul Davies

Head of Sales - Events & Media

“Some of my colleagues here at Acrotrend are the smartest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”

It is great to look back and see how far we have come from the early days. It’s very exciting to talk about the solutions we co-created with our clients and the business value they saw from them. It’s been a wonderful collaborative journey that has seen a lot of success and learning at the same time to evolve the way we serve our clients. Our commitment to one another, our clients and analytics are what differentiates us from the rest!

– Sandeep Mendiratta

MD of Acrotrend Solutions