At Acrotrend we always like to have an opinion on things. This time around, we were asked to provide our view on how our partner, business intelligence software company, Looker, has been evolving to enhance its offering.

Looker is currently going through the process of being acquired by Google and will become part of the Google Cloud Platform portfolio – so it’s a very exciting period of change for them, and for us, as a Partner of Looker.

Acrotrend has a wealth of experience with creating machine learning algorithms, and our CTO, Shailesh Mallya, provided the following commentary based off of our recent winning natural language processing search addon we built for Looker during their London Hackathon.:

“As Looker builds out its developer tools and marketplace, we’re constantly reminded of their commitment to the success of partners like us. In only six hours during the Looker London Hackathon, our team built a simple and innovative natural language processing (NLP) search addon to make Looker’s out-of-the-box data experiences even more approachable to non-data people. From those humble beginnings we are in the process of building a more robust version that we will be thrilled to deploy in the new Looker Marketplace. The ability for a technology consulting company like us to distribute our technology to Looker’s large and growing customer base is a really important business opportunity that will have a tremendous impact on our bottom line.”

We invite you to read the full article here.