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Our Services

Acrotrend offers specialist data analytics services to companies and organisations across the UK and worldwide. We create modern, cost-effective environments for customer analytics.

These data consulting services provide the fuel that drives relevant customer engagement experiences by bringing insights to each step of your audience and customer journey. Acrotrend specialises in modernising customer analytics using cloud-based technologies.



Connect your data

Data warehouses are the foundation of the modern data driven business. From one-off consulting engagements to full end-2-end out sourced delivery, you could benefit from Acrotrend’s cloud, data warehouse and data lake experience.



Inform decisions with clear, accurate reports for all stakeholders

Let Acrotrend’s team of visual designers, business analysts and data scientists do the heavy lifting on your Business Intelligence or KPI reporting project, so you can focus on what to do with the insights from your data. 



Personalise every interaction

Traditional segmentation requires marketers to manually create sequences of rules to group prospects along demographic, behavioural or purchase history lines. We use data science and machine learning to automate identification of your highest converting prospects and predict the combination of content, channel and timing that will engage them. These insights are then used to create new segments for email, social or advertising campaigns or to update marketing profiles with new scores for churn risk, likely lifetime value etc. 

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Leverage the power of Data Science and Machine Learning

Experienced in both applying off the shelf solutions like Salesforce Einstein, or developing bespoke algorithms using R or Python programming, we’ll work with your team to prepare your data, prototype different learning or predictive algorithms, and validate the accuracy that can be achieved, through to rolling out a comprehensive machine learning program. This allows the AI to automate scoring to predict churn risk, lifetime value, buying propensity or to model demand patterns etc.



Modernisation and best practice

Comprehensive review of your current data integration and modelling workflows in light of best practices. Get detailed recommendations on how to improve and enhance your customer analytic infrastructure. 



Clean and deduplicate your data

Connect data from every touchpoint in the customer journey to get a single view of the customer. Identify, cleanse, merge and deduplicate records from multiple systems to create a centralised golden customer profile, which feeds into your CRM, marketing and service systems to create an enhanced customer experience.

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Our Partners

Client Engagement

Clients currently engage with Acrotrend in three primary ways:

1. Monthly retainer

Monthly retainer engagements where we deliver regular, monthly reports and deliverables that are optimised over time.

2. Project-based

Project-based engagements that have a specific objective or challenge we’re charged with solving and have clear start/stop dates.

3. Your ‘pod’

Retained “pod” engagements where a pod is a hand-picked, self-sufficient and fully empowered team that is capable of helping you with any customer analytics challenge you might face.