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Our Services

Acrotrend offers specialist data analytics services to companies and organisations across the UK and worldwide. We create modern, cost-effective environments for customer analytics.

These data consulting services provide the fuel that drives relevant customer engagement experiences by bringing insights to each step of your audience and customer journey. Acrotrend specialises in modernising customer analytics using cloud-based technologies.



End-to-End Customer Insights Implementation

Our primary analytics and insights offering reaches designated business outcomes by assembling a skills-appropriate team that continuously involves key stakeholders and user engagement – from requirements gathering to user acceptance and adoption of delivered customer insights.



Customer Data

Our data management services deliver a flexible, scalable, and highly actionable single-view of your customer by integrating customer data from multiple systems and data sources that are either siloed or spread across the organization.



Customer Information

Our information delivery service industrialises information delivery on designated customer KPIs for internal stakeholders in order to continuously fulfill requests from business users. This process enhances existing KPIs and develops new ones that surface trends and areas for improvement.



Customer Analytics-led Business Value

This service swiftly models various business hypotheses based on customer objectives in order to arrive at clear and well-defined outcomes. Each outcome has potential recommendation and actions that derive additional value from your customer data and improves acquisition, loyalty, retention and life-time value.



Customer Insights Capability Taskforce

A task force is assembled that offers expert skills in different areas of customer insights in order to co-staff your project. This enables our clients to complete their projects on time and within budget.




This service modernises your current customer analytics platform with cloud, open-source and closed-source technologies for better data integration, increased storage, and more effective visualization and analytics components. This also allows your data to better align to your organization’s business, architectural and technology objectives.

Client Engagement

Clients currently engage with Acrotrend in three primary ways:

1. Monthly retainer

Monthly retainer engagements where we deliver regular, monthly reports and deliverables that are optimised over time.

2. Project-based

Project-based engagements that have a specific objective or challenge we’re charged with solving and have clear start/stop dates.

3. Your ‘pod’

Retained “pod” engagements where a pod is a hand-picked, self-sufficient and fully empowered team that is capable of helping you with any customer analytics challenge you might face.