Whether you run a budget gym, a niche market fitness space or a luxury leisure club, utilising customer analytics is crucial to your growth and success.

In understanding the behaviour of your customers you can extrapolate their decision-making process, the psychology behind this, their health care needs and use all of this together to make value-driven business decisions. Not only will these be based on your current understandings, but also on predictive analytics, which will allow you to try and meet their needs before they even realise what it is that they want.

Customer analytics are hugely valuable and whether you have gained these analytics through market research, questionnaires, your fitness equipment, log-in records, e-mail sign up information, membership forms, social media, or word-of-mouth feedback, it’s about how you use them to improve the overall experience of your gyms.

Communicate With Your Members

The great thing about customer analytics is they help to tell the story of your members and how they navigate your premises. This provides you with the knowledge to be able to customise your offer to suit their needs. Making your members feel special by providing them with a unique and personal service is an ideal way to retain their loyalty.

You can take this one step further by looking at the way you communicate with your members through your marketing collateral, by adding their name or location into e-mails or making their direct letters personalised. It could include getting t-shirts printed for them with their names on and your branding – a simple but effective way to make them feel part of your ‘tribe’ or community.

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Drive Your Customers

Customer analytics can also help you to offer targeted information and offers to your members. These could be used in direct marketing and based on the time or day they use your facilities, the frequency that they return, or based on where they live. They can also help you to change your member’s behaviours as well as encourage them, for example, if you want to drive customers towards purchasing longer gym packages, rather than making shorter one-off visits. Delivering unique experiences will help differentiate you from your competition. 

For many gyms, classes are a key driver for members and by keeping close track of data around class attendance, high traffic times and the demographic of each class, you can use this data to create a programme that will be of most benefit to your members.

Your customers may not be aware how much they’re offering in terms of analytics, but when you’re measuring these things, you have a wealth of information at your fingertips to use in order to improve the customer journey. The important thing is that you show you are listening and that you care.


Deliver Unique Fitness Experiences

To remain healthy in a competitive marketplace and to capture members seeking unique fitness experiences, investing in an integrated customer analytics infrastructure will not only give a complete profile of your members and provide a customer experience above and beyond their expectations but the capability to react to new market trends.

Understanding data from all touch points combined with an integrated platform enables you to turn customer data into actionable data boosting customer experience whilst gaining more insights into your members’ requirements, further personalising their experience with you.

If you are looking to better understand your customers and how they interact with you and your facilities why not give us a call or request a free consultation.