Join Acrotrend Experts online, 30th November 9am-10am

Kick-start your day learning powerful techniques for mobilising data as a high-value strategic asset

Event Topic: How to be data-driven and not just data-busy.

A data driven business is one that uses data to drive the business towards achieving its goals.

Unfortunately, some businesses lose their way before becoming data driven, and instead end up burning lots of of time, energy and money on data, but without achieving much benefit in return. That’s the difference between data driven and data busy.

Join this roundtable event to share relevant and engaging discussion with your peers, to learn how to tell if your business is really just data-busy, and how to make sure it is always truly data-driven.

Date & Time: Tuesday 30th November 9:00-10:00, online


  1. What’s the difference between data-driven and data-busy?
  2. Why some businesses find themselves data-busy and not data-driven.
  3. How to start being more truly data-driven today.
  4. Roundtable discussion and Q&A.
  5. Free access to the 4dDX online data capability maturity assessment.

Your Host, Phil Husbands

"I have over 20 years of experience in delivering successful data and business intelligence solutions to major public, private and international organisation. I’ve occupied leadership roles in large companies, and worked as a consultant in many prestigious retail, telecoms, media and insurance organisations around the world. My core interests and specialist expertise are in enterprise data strategy, data governance, analytics and data-driven organisational change. My work focuses on building operational and people-focused capabilities, which are essential for ensuring that data enables businesses to work more effectively, make better decisions and achieve their goals."

Every attendee will receive complimentary access to Acrotrend’s online data capability maturity assessment tools:

The Data Capability Maturity Assessment focuses on speed, simplicity and practicality.

Unlike other assessment methods which can feel like they need their own project team to run, this approach quickly and cost-effectively answers the one truly essential question – is your data driving achievement of your business’s goals?

Notes to guide you on how to use the Data Capability Maturity Assessment.

Every organisation is unique, and it’s possible to hone some aspects of the online assessment tools. We have collated notes to help guide you in completing the assessment.

Access to a live demo of the Assessment.

This will enable you to visualise how the results for your own company will be presented.

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