Competition in the fitness industry is intensifying with acquisitions and mergers specifically in the UK and Europe.

LeisureDB’s 2016 ‘State of the UK Fitness Industry Report‘ reveals the UK fitness industry is continuing its growth trend with low-cost operators muscling in on the action.

With 6,435 fitness facilities in the UK, over 9 million people in the UK identify themselves as members of a gym, representing 1 in 7 of us. This is an increase of 5.3% from 2015. UK’s fastest growing gym has increased their market share with over 160 facilities & nearly 800,000 members in 2016 becoming the number one fitness facility in the UK with an annual income of £170m.

• How Much Did You Increase Your Membership By?

• Have You Seen an Increase in Revenue?


Consumer spending data suggests that your customer’s journey begins much earlier than you’d expect. Before becoming members, consumers first make a choice to live a healthier lifestyle. They reflect this choice by making considered purchases encompassing healthy foods, training gear & fitness trackers such as Fitbit, which accounted for 21% of the wearable market share in 2015.

Fitness trackers, smartwatches and mobile apps are creating a deluge of data that will become an asset if combined with an understanding of your members’ experience. Isolated dashboards and tools can be useful for an individual but a business requires an integrated analytics platform that can collate and process data from a variety of sources.

• How Would You Capture Benchmark & Understand This Behaviour?

• What Do Data Sources You Use To Understand Your Members?


What is to be gained from developing a deep understanding of your member’s health and their experiences inside and outside of the facilities? With the right usage of your members’ data, you will begin to understand their preferences, lifestyle choices, their fitness goals and the technology they have already invested in.

By aligning your business to their specific requirements, your members will feel pumped up because their needs are being catered to; it could be with the provision of facilities, specific fitness classes or providing content that will allow your members to stay on track with their goals.

This muscular understanding of your customer’s experience will reduce the rate of churn and create a loyal membership, strengthening the bond between their experience and your business.

• How Much Do You Know About Your Members?

• Have You Arrested the Rate of Churn Over the Last Year?


For fitness operators to remain healthy in a competitive marketplace & to capture members seeking unique fitness experiences, operators have to strengthen their core operations by investing in an integrated customer analytics infrastructure that will not only give a complete profile of their members & provide a customer experience above and beyond their expectations but the capability to react to new market trends.

Understanding data from all touch points combined with an integrated platform enables you to turn customer data into lean, mean actionable data boosting customer experience whilst gaining more insights into your members’ requirements, further personalising their experience with you.


• Centralised Large Volumes of Fitness Data From All Sources into One Place
• Strengthened Marketing & Sales Teams with Insights to Target Customers & Arrest Churn
• Integrated Key Technologies & Infrastructure to Create a Seamless Customer Experience Plan Whilst Collecting Data
• Enabled Our Clients to Ask the Right Questions of Their Data For a 360 View of Their Members
• Analysing data to identify customers at risk of churning


• Unlock the Value of Your Members Interactions & Define Actionable Insights
• Capture, Understand & Benchmark Behaviour to Create a Loyal Membership
• Aggregate From Multiple Data Sources to Create a Personalised Member Experience
• Proactively Reduced the Churn of Membership with a Fat-Free, Lean Approach
• Guide You in The Digital Transformation of Your Business

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