Earlier this month Cricket World Cup 2019 came to end, culminating with one of the most iconic World Cup matches ever between England and New Zealand. It led to the very first win for England in the World Cup in their home ground.

We ran our analysis to predict the scores and winning team for some prime matches in the world cup series.

We used a predictive model to forecast the maximum scores that can be achieved by the winning team in matches. Our model considered the parameters such as:

• History of matches on the ground for all teams
• History of matches on the ground for teams playing
• Recent ODI scores of teams individually
• Individual performance of the teams in world cup 2019
• Recent matches played between the two teams, other than CWC
• Run rate

Based on our model, we were able to make 62.5% accurate predictions of the winning team and overall the predictions vs reality showed a high degree of correlation.

What do our CWC predictions mean for your organisation?

Satisfied customers increase the bottom line. Fact. Cricket World Cup aside, being able to predict customer behaviour and provide customers with highly personalised campaigns and offers that resonate with them goes a long way in increasing customer satisfaction.

“Just 22% of shoppers are satisfied with the level of personalisation they currently receive” [Segment’s 2017 State of Personalisation Report] meaning a large number of brands are failing to create experiences that inspire consumers.

Predictive models can help your organisation to determine the patterns and behaviours of your customers and foresee their next steps

Cricket World Cup Summary Infographic

Cricket World Cup Summary Infographic