Think your gym members’ data is valuable? Not unless you exercise it properly!

Fitness clubs and gyms have more data at their disposal than ever before. And not just the membership data that holds contractual and financial details but also behavioural data and data from wearable tech.

Members’ swipe card and access data contains all the patterns and trends on their attendance: days of the week and times of the days most used (which can vary significantly across sites), frequent users vs. irregular members, members who use additional services such as personal training and yoga classes.

If your clubs also sells additional products like nutritional supplements and merchandise, then point of sale data provides additional information on the types of people who buy these, by age group, gender, site and so on.

Add to that any wearable tech and fitness apps aligned to the gym and you get a powerful layer of information into the general health of members, and any improvement in the vitals over a period of time, browsing and booking information and type of equipment used. This can really start giving insight into specific requirements and preferences of the members.

And what about all that data from the website, front-desk enquiries, complaints and surveys! The amount and types of data can seem overwhelming – where do you start?

By unifying these siloed data sets, you have almost everything you need to form a big and detailed picture of your gym. Running analytics models on top of the unified data will help you answer key business questions and build strategies that not only deliver wonderful experiences for your members, and keep them sticking at it, but keep your gym healthy and competitive too.

And isn’t that what exercise is all about?

Infographic: How often do you exercise your data?