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We’re a forward-thinking company and we want forward-thinking people who will work hard because they love what they do. We like dedication. We’re dedicated to our work and to the people on our team, as well as our customers. If you think that’s you, we’d like to hear from you.

Our History

Our founders, Sandeep and Shailesh first met in Mumbai in 2003 when working at Deloitte. They say their love of tech brought them together, but we secretly think it was Sandeep’s great sense of humour.

In 2004 they had a wild idea to set up their own entrepreneurial venture but they started working as consultants for some of Mumbai’s largest bluechip companies. In the year of 2007, they decided the time was right to launch Acrotrend.

The rest, as they say, is history. 12 years later, today we are growing faster than ever and taking on more exciting projects that deliver true value for our clients. We have a bustling shared office at Millbank Tower in London, as well as one in Mumbai, India, and we work with some of the most incredible minds springing from all over the world.

What We Offer

Stepping into our offices is like stepping into Silicon Valley without, well, having to put up with Silicon Valley. No earthquakes. No hills where your vintage car gets stuck. No beautiful palm trees.

Instead, we have a communal office in a building filled with tech companies and creatives. Remember when Steve Jobs built Pixar so that people would bump into each other and start conversations to spark ideas? It’s kind of like that.

The kettle is always on and it’s free. You will get your cuppa. The coffee is free too as we like people who actually work when at work. We’re based in Westminster which lends itself to drinks after work – we do that every couple of weeks. We also celebrate each other’s birthdays. Any excuse to have a drink!

We are a family-oriented firm so babies aren’t an issue so long as you don’t bring them to work. Which you won’t. Because we give you time off. In general, we believe in unity; in a family; in being there for each other. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there for you. Oh and we offer flex time.

Open Positions

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