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Our Process: Infusing Non-traditional Thinking

Today, data and tech-partners to work with that data are prolific. If you can think of something, you can likely accomplish it. However, just having droves of data isn’t enough. Businesses today need to ask the right questions from the data. What are the right questions? The unusual and non-traditional ones. We’ve structured our entire process around this. Read more about how we infuse a Culture of Curiosity across the organisation.

Client Engagement

PURPLE TEAM: Our client teams are made up of a fusion of members from the two sides of our business: The red team is composed of our business analysts and subject matter experts – they help define the vision or the challenge. The blue team is made up of our tech members and data scientists – they help make the vision a reality or use data and tech to solve a given problem. Every client team is purple – a combination of red and blue team members. This purple-team collaboration ensures we get to better solutions and that both teams are pushing each other to ask the unusual questions.

PODS: Moreover, we call these teams “pods” – where a pod acts as a completely self-sufficient, and empowered unit that is staffed with all of the necessary skill sets and experience required to solve a fulfill a client need. The pod is given the authority to think and act on its own, which enables Acrotrend to get to highly innovative solutions quickly and efficiently.

Co-Creation for better outcomes

We’re not an off-the-shelf, one-size fits all, magic bullet solution. Every business is unique, just like every customer is unique. Because of this, co-creation with our clients is paramount to how Acrotrend solves business challenges. To us, co-creation is the mutual collaboration between Acrotrend and our clients in order to solve problems and get results. We bring a strong expertise in understanding data to the table, and our clients bring expertise on their business, their industry trends, and their consumer’s behaviour. We’ve found that the fusion of these two things yields the best results over time.

We aim to hold everyone accountable

Analytics projects really don’t ever “fail”. Instead, what usually happens is that we as people fail to act on the data-driven insights and recommendations. Because of this, we have three pivotal elements built into our way-of-working to ensure that both us and our clients are doing everything possible to ensure key business recommendations are acted on.



We assign business-focused success and measurement criteria for every deliverable and outcome.



We conduct complete pre and post Day-In-The-Life-of-the-Consumer (DITLOC) maps to track, monitor and take any necessary actions.



We help our clients embed insights into their customer-facing processes, so they can infuse them into their day-to-day business operations.