Acrotrend and Nuffield Health’s Strategic Partnership

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“Thanks to the recent updates Acrotrend has helped us make to our organisation, we are now more competitively positioned to provide our customers with an enhanced service.”

Dave Ankers – Technology, Strategy & Platform Delivery Director, Nuffield Health

We have been working as a strategic partner to Nuffield Health – the UK’s largest not-for-profit healthcare provider – to create a more amenable data environment for their current and future analytics needs and capabilities.

Nuffield Health holds enormous quantities of data. This data was creating data silos and making it difficult not only to obtain a true and consolidated view of customers, but to pull business-critical reports required to guide their key strategy of ‘Connected Health’.

Acrotrend’s team worked with Nuffield Health’s key business stakeholders to understand their functional and business goals from an insight and analytics perspective and mapped these requirements onto a fit-for-purpose and ready-for-future tech stack.

Our architecture and technology selection instantly made the data environment more amenable for their analytics needs and capabilities, and together with the implementation roadmap, made it really clear on how Nuffield Health could get the most of the proposed solution.

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