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Business Analysis & Test Service (BATS)

Re-inventing Business Intelligence to Improve Analytics Results

Many customer insights projects fail to deliver useful results or provide value from business analysis because they focus too rigidly on reports and features. The business intelligence often fails to address real outcomes or scenarios.

The traditional approach of documenting and managing requirements is slow and wasteful, resulting in rework, unhappy users and high costs. If you’re planning a project to uncover business intelligence and customer insight, the key to success is blending the right requirements, techniques, capabilities, tools and processes. You need to do this at the right time and must have a clear idea of your analysis roadmap. 

Business Analysis & Vision

• Do you have a new Customer Insight project and need disciplined business analysis?

• Do you want to be confident that your business users requirements will actually be delivered? 

• Are you challenged by scope creep due to poor analysis and ineffective ongoing engagement?

• Are you concerned about poor user adoption of the solution?

• Are you worried the business vision may get lost during solution implementation?


Are You Getting Value for Money From Your Customer Analytics?

Business Analysis & Test Service (BATS) Explained

Our specialist Business Analysis & Test Service (BATS) works with you from the outset to aid the adoption of customer analytics solutions. With this service, we focus on continually aligning the project with your business case, engaging with your business users deeply and concentrating explicitly on personas and outcomes. This brings business analysis to the front end of the customer analytics solution cycle.

Acrotrend’s BATS solution combines Agile, Development and Operations (DevOps) practices supplemented with ‘Design Thinking’ techniques, to deliver project outcomes at speed. It assures higher user adoption and constant alignment with your business case, enabling you to realise business value quickly.

Our Solution

We do this in 3 stages:


First, we help you get the requirements, their priorities and determine feasibility


Throughout the Agile and DevOps delivery process, we follow-up and engage to ensure changing needs are addressed while preserving the line of sight to keeping all eyes on the big picture business case. We ensure users quickly see their ideas and requirements in action and seek their feedback frequently.


Finally, we oversee and support the user test process. We aim to assure end-to-end consistency and higher user adoption. We facilitate spot checks that validate & ensure value is realised and we also feedback ideas into upcoming releases of the solution.

Business Analysis & Test are available as part of our “As-a-Service solution and our “In-a-Box” solution.

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