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Customer Analytics as a Service

Our Customer Analytics as a Service (CAaaS) brings together our proven expertise in technology & approach, best practice, and your subject matter expertise – all within a ready-to-use data analysis platform. This cost-effective service jump-starts and sustains your customer analytics function.


Uber-ising Data Science

Understanding emergent patterns and trends in customer data can positively transform and inform your audience engagement strategy. Customer Analytics can be powerful and add value to your business which requires a learning and adaptive culture that is open to data science and experimentation. Setting up and maintaining a permanent customer analytics function can prove costly and inefficient without the appropriate approach and necessary ingredients.

Powerful Customer Analytics 

• Do you struggle to get the right skills and breadth of data science capabilities to build and sustain your audience analysis function?

• Can you justify or realise the ROI of your infrastructure and technologies required by well-formed customer analytics architecture? 

• Do you want to experiment with multiple business hypotheses to prove and leverage the value of traditional and new data? 

• Do you want data science and analysis capability on tap that is flexible and without the hassle of scaling and retaining to fit with the flow of your business? 


Are You Getting Value From Your Customer Analytics Data Science?

CAaaS Explained

Acrotrend provides you with the expertise and tools to effectively and efficiently mine your data in the cloud, as part of our As-a-Service subscription solution, you only pay for what you need. Acrotrend ‘unlocks’ your data by providing advanced analytics to enhance and refine your customer engagement model.

Using machine learning and cognitive analytics, our data scientists uncover patterns and themes in your data to streamline the outcomes, giving you the tools to improve your decision-making model.

By implementing our FAST-VRM™ method, we combine the best technology tools, methods, frameworks and industry processes in data science such as CRISP-DM and TDSP and wrap it up with our customer analytics expertise, giving you a ready to use Customer Analytics platform. 

Our Solution

We implement this in 3 steps:

Step 1: Prove

By developing a hypothesis to your business challenge, the result is the creation of data and statistical models which can be tested against real situational data. This is further supplemented by automated training of statistical models through machine learning which results in outputs in flat files or APIs.

Step 2: Uber-ise 

Repeated training and refinement of statistical models lead to predictive outcomes that become more accurate over time. Repeatable model executions can be scaled up and down as per your business needs, essentially paying for what you need.

Step 3: Glamorise 

Our Natural Language processors, analytics bots, cognitive and prescriptive models and other emergent concepts in this dynamic area can be experimented within our Studio Labs, which can be added on to any of our existing services. 

Customer Analytics as a Service is available as part of our As-a-Service solution.

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