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Diagnosis & Recommendations to Futureproof Your Customer Analytics Landscape

Choosing not to have a healthy Business Analytics environment for analysing customer data is no longer an option for a modern digital company. The winners will be those who put digital Customer Data Analytics at the heart of their competitive strategy, and it is these leaders who gain an advantage, while laggards struggle to stay on top of their data. Our Health Check gets organisations on top of their Customer Data Analytics and builds a futureproof environment pointing the way for a rapid digital transformation. If you want to ascertain how exactly to engage your customers by enhancing their experiences, the Accelerator for Customer Analytics Architecture will provide increasing value.

Futureproof Your Customer Analytics

• Do you need to know whether your environment is fit for purpose and fit for the future? 

• Can you assemble a digital Customer Insights Architecture from new and existing technologies?

• Can you gather a 360 degree and multi-dimensional digital view of your audiences?

• What are your avenues and opportunities to bring in cost efficiencies? 

• What are you lacking in order to increase customer acquisition, engagement and loyalty objectives?

18 January 2017

Healthy Customer Analytics for the Fitness Industry

Accelerator for Customer Analytics Architecture

The Accelerator for Customer Analytics Architecture Service assesses your Customer & Audience Data Analytics environment, the vision for the business and your business’ roadmap. We provide clear, aligned recommendations, so you have an environment that is not only “fit for now,” but “fit for the future.”

Based on the output of the business analytics health check, we help you implement the recommendations using the appropriate support services from our team and a dedicated Assurance Board to oversee implementation. 

Our data integration and architecture services combine our years of experience, the latest thinking in customer and audience data analytics with the practicalities of day to day delivery and operational support.

Our Solution

We do this in 3 stages:


Our data integration and architecture services start by evaluating your current environment to ascertain your ability to achieve your analytics goals. We will review your current analytics environment; benchmarking against your desired target state and document recommendations to prioritise and plan the correct approach for you. 


An assurance board oversees improvements and changes in your technology and data environment, establishing a pragmatic approach, with actionable recommendations combined with guidance that is aligned to the capabilities of your organisation.


Documenting KPI reports upon completion and re-evaluating any gaps in your fitness levels. Using this service ensures your data always informs your business decisions.

Our analytics and consulting solutions

Creating a Single Customer View

Today’s customer journeys are complex. People engage with your brand on multiple channels, often in parallel – in one thumb swipe they can switch between your social media, website or app. Throw in Alexa, IoT data or engagement in your physical locations, and the number of possible systems storing data about your customers multiply at a frightening rate.

Connect data from every touchpoint in the customer journey to get a single view of the customer. Identify, cleanse, merge and deduplicate records from multiple systems to create a centralised golden customer profile, which feeds into your CRM, marketing and service systems to create an enhanced customer experience.

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