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Data Warehouse Modernisation (DMod)

Increase speed of insight with highly responsive data warehousing

Acrotrend offers a Data Warehouse Modernisation service that provides the muscle power you need in the cloud. Traditional Data Warehousing is not able to keep up with the tsunami of data that is being generated at unforeseen velocities from a myriad of different digital sources.

Today’s business needs speed of insight with a highly responsive Data Warehouse that is accessible for various applications and user communities leading to valuable business outcomes.

Unburden your organisation from infrastructure maintenance and secure flexibility. Gain the power to sustain, manage and analyse huge new data sets ensuring accessibility of information across departments in your organisation so that you can focus on providing value.

A Highly Responsive Data Warehouse

• Does it take too long to collect and analyse unstructured and open/social customer data sources?

• Do you want to consolidate many bespoke data solutions into one source of truth?

• Does it take too long to receive insights for strategic and operational business decisions?

• Is your BI Team scrambling to update, extend and improve data warehouse environments to satisfy your business’s demands for new data types and sources?

• Is your data warehouse environment cost effective and are you realising the value and full potential? 

22 Mar, 2017

A Game of Data

Data Warehouse Modernisation Explained (DMod)

With our expertise in modern data acquisitions and modelling techniques, our Data Warehouse Modernisation service offers to review your data storage and reporting assets, making sure we apply the latest expertise in the field of data governance and management to bring your data warehouse up to speed and fit for purpose across the globe.

This means that all of your valuable data; structured or unstructured, from traditional sources like CRM to new sources like social, IOT, websites and so on are blended and available all at once, in one highly responsive data warehouse ready to be analysed.

We work with you to transform your current capability into a modern, fast environment in practical steps and in-line with the needs of your business and the capacity of IT to take on the change. 

Our Solution

We do it in 2 stages: DW Design and DW Tech


Focusing on analysing and improving your existing data models, we make the current data warehouse as efficient as possible ensuring it generates business value. This phase optimises the effectiveness of your existing architecture, providing tangible and immediate improvements to the performance of your data warehouse.

DWDesign is available as part of the bespoke In-a-Box” solution.


We compare the capabilities of your current data warehouse architecture in-line with the best suitable solution. Cloud computing and data warehousing go hand in hand, so we support this transitioning to the cloud if your data is hosted locally. Cloud-based file systems and databases provide your business with a platform that is fit for current and future needs of a growing company.

DWTech is available as part of our As-a-Service solution.

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