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Apply Analytics Insights to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience is the new competitive battle ground as companies fight to get their message to stand out from the digital noise of our daily lives. To deliver against people’s high expectations for customer experience, enterprises rely on an increasingly complex marketing technology ecosystem. Scott Brinker’s famous Marketing Technology Landscape slide now includes nearly 7,000 vendors! 

This presents a problem for marketers trying to understand their customer and prospect journeys. While most tools embed some form of analytics, getting a holistic view of the customer journey is becoming harder, especially given that the median number of marketing data sources used by a company is projected to jump from 10 in 2017 to 15 in 2019 — a 50% increase in just two years!

A Clearer Vision

• Does your marketing team rely on multiple tools and technologies? 

• Do you struggle to get an omni-channel view of your customer experience (aka a single customer view)

• Are wasting time manually creating rules based marketing segments?

• Do you waste money advertising products to customers who have already purchased?

• Do you want to tailor marketing campaigns to acquire high lifetime value customers or to reduce churn in your customer base?


Getting from Insight to Action with Marketing Automation

Automate Creation of Marketing Segments

Traditional segmentation requires marketers to manually create sequences of rules to group prospects along demographic, behavioural or purchase history lines. We use data science and machine learning to automate identification of your highest converting prospects and predict the combination of content, channel and timing that will engage them.

Machine learning algorithms run against your data warehouse, continually creating, updating and publishing clean, deduplicated segments to your Marketing Automation, Data Management Platform, Social Media Advertising and CRM systems, and enriching your marketing profiles.

These insight driven segments can be applied to email, social or advertising campaigns or to update marketing profiles with new scores for churn risk, likely lifetime value, product recommendations or next best action.

Our Solution

Customer Journey Visualisation:

Acrotrend work with our customers to connect all their marketing and customer data sources, merge and deduplicate customer profiles, then visualise the cross channel customer journey and provide a comprehensive marketing KPI dashboard with all your analytics and marketing data in one place.

Automate Segment Creation:

We apply machine learning to your customer analytics data warehouse to automate the creation and publishing of clean marketing segments and profiles back to your CRM, marketing automation, data management platform and advertising systems. This ensures your targeting campaigns, timing and content to those prospects with the highest value and likelihood of converting. 

Our analytics and consulting solutions

Our Preferred Technologies for Marketing Automation

Salesforce sale cloud and marketing cloud
Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation
Adobe Marketo Marketing Automation