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Data Visualisation & Reporting

Use Customer Insights to Drive Actions 

Data visualisation is a window into your customer data analytics and supports your audience engagement strategy. All too often, these dashboards and reports are inaccurate, unactionable and overwhelming, leading business users to focus on irrelevant data or even ignore it completely. Our specialist data Visualisation Modernisation Services work with you to create ‘best practice’ dashboards and visualisations that allow you to derive insight, understand and deliver the best business outcomes. Visualisation Modernisation results in simplified reporting, speeds insight to action, improves user experience, enhances adoption and allows for a greater realisation of value.

A Clearer Vision

• Do you have poor user adoption of your BI solution? 

• Are your dashboards and visualisations communicating the data insights clearly, accurately and efficiently? 

• Are your customer insights solutions adapted to different users and insight types, for example, strategic and operational users in your organisation?

• Do you want insight based alerts for your business users to initiate appropriate actions quickly?

• Are your power users able to get their hands on the underlying data and drive self-serve analysis?


Death By Dashboards - Are Your Visualisations Useful?

Visualisation Modernisation Explained

The Visualisation Modernisation Service creates insightful dashboards that enhance the effectiveness of data visualisation. It improves the ability of your team to quickly analyse the effectiveness of your customer engagement strategy.

We work closely with your users and technical teams to connect individuals with the data they need. Acrotrend ensures your visualisation capability delivers the data you need in the most effective and efficient way, using the most up to date technology.

Our data visualisation design techniques and principles reflect your customer insight story. You effectively allow your team to understand and know the state of the business, where there are problems, what caused them and how to drive the actions that create tangible value.

Our Solution

Our Visualisation Modernisation services work in two phases:

Visualisation Design:

Our experts review your visualisation content and assets against your desired outcomes. We use Design Thinking to create simple and effective dashboards based on user personas and suggest areas for improvement. We use best practices from thought leaders like Stephen Few, to recommend the art of possible.

Visualisation Tech:

We examine your platform’s capabilities against your business requirements and available technology. We use our extensive experience to implement the best visualisation solutions that give your business users cutting-edge capabilities like data discovery through self-serve, alerts and notifications. Our dashboards are available on hand-held devices, making them immediately actionable. Visualisation Modernisation dramatically increases user adoption and drives value from your visualisation platform.

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