Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is arguably the most important top-level metric that businesses should in order to in todays customer economy

Our solutions aim to help you improve customer experiences that make customers happy and stay longer, leading to increased customer lifetime value 

CLV is an overarching customer metric that touches all areas of the customer’s journey during their lifetime.

Improving CLV is driven by influencing related customer-specific KPIs such as customer acquisition, retention, growth rates, customer advocacy & referrals.

These build to deliver the end goal of increased customer lifetime value.

To drive up customer lifetime value, businesses must increase customer retention and grow sales volume.
The success of any Customer Lifetime Value programme depends on:

how well you use available customer data to Know What retention and growth opportunities exists

understand So What impact it will have on overall Customer Experience and Customer Lifetime Value

decide Now What actions and offers to make to improve both customer experience and value 

We combine our specialisms to establish just that right mix of all three ingredients for your business, helping you deliver right outcomes and exceptional experience for your customers, every single time.

See how our clients in various industry sectors continue to achieve their CLV goals.

Field Service Management Businesses

Take advantage of their unique position by enabling every customer touch point to enhance customer experience and deliver positive customer outcomes.

Healthcare and Fitness Businesses

Develop High Performing Customer Strategy to delivery glowing member experiences and build a stronger fitter Gym business.

Events Businesses

Increase Event revenues and deliver superior visitor experience through exhibitor and visitor matchmaking and personalised session recommendations.

At Acrotrend, we combine our specialisms to build customer-centric capabilities for your business, helping you deliver right outcomes for your customers

Customer Journey Analytics

helps highlight opportunities to improve customer experience at every part of the customer’s journey

360 Degree View of the Customer

helps you gain a full picture, enabling you to personalise customer interactions and make customers happy

Customer Data Science, ML and AI

helps you make smarter  recommendations for customer retention, cross-sell, up-sell, renewals and referrals

Customer Data Strategies and Operating Models

helps you build an efficient and flexible data platform to support your changing customer and business needs

Cloud Data Migration

to make your customer data more manageable and scalable

Customer Data Quality Management

to help you demand trust in customer insights and recommendations

Customer Data warehouses & Data Lakes

to help organise data and make it easy for the business to analyse

Data Compliance and Governance

to ensure your data is complaint, secure and trustworthy always

Our CLV solutions are powered by our proven Reference Architecture and work hand-in-hand with our 4dDI Model and DEPTH Methodology.

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