How data can be used to optimise subscriber retention

Watch our recent webinar, moderated by James Evelegh, editor of InPublishing, to see which strategies you can apply to increase retention and cut churn in this difficult economic environment.
    • Claire Overstall, SVP, Global Head of Customer at The Economist,
    • Abi Spooner, former Customer Strategy Officer at Dennis Publishing and
    • Shailesh Mallya, co-founder and CTO at Acrotrend.
    acrotrend webinar screen capture

    Watch the Replay

    The squeeze on household incomes is having a significant impact on subscriber retention and churn. Keeping customers is the number one priority. So, how can you tell which customers might leave? How should you use your data to personalise retention strategies? Can you get better insight from your data to react quickly to changing behaviour?

    What will be discussed:
    • Using data to understand the reasons behind churn.
    • Organising data to spot (and predict) changing customer behaviours.
    • The role of data in the end-to-end journey in subscriber retention.
    • Segmenting subscribers to quickly personalise journeys and prevent churn.
    • Making tech and data work together to deliver better insight.