QueenyIt gives you immense satisfaction when you read what budding consultants think about the first IT project they were a part of, and their experience. Queeny, fresh out of college, was chosen for the role of a developer in a project after undergoing rigorous training, a feature regular at Acrotrend. Here’s how she describes her experience.

“I had first-hand experience in working on a time-bound project. Everything was fast-paced, small but frequent sprints, in delivering the best results. The project had everyone excited. For me, having just stepped into the corporate world, to work in an environment so dynamic and feel the adrenaline flow, was exhilarating and made perfect sense when I felt ‘This is IT'”

Queeny was inducted on a thorough Agile delivery and got practical exposure on this project, where she has been able to relate with various project phases – right from kick-off, to discovery and to development. She appreciated the efficient mentoring, a hallmark here. The guidance on ‘how to research’ was effective enough for her to be able to recommend to all important thought leaders in the Marketing industry, whether on Digital Marketing, Customer-centric marketing or Social media marketing. She admits with great pride that the ‘discovery phase’ set the tone for hardy data-driven wireframes which were to be developed as part of the program. Her exposure to data visualization tools, on-hand experience in building each component, binding them into strong storytelling dashboards, has made her visualize the fruit of success.

She proudly talks of her exposure in the entire project and likens it to a ‘Koffee With Karan Hamper’, metaphorical in the context of immense learning, mentoring, fabulous discoveries, and most importantly the support. In her words:

“I am glad to have been a part of such a great team and I look forward to many such associations in the future. It has been an overwhelming experience, not only with the development effected or the technologies used, but also with the amount of learning that helped in my own development.”